Robot_empathy will set you free

Empathy is a mushy term for a powerful concept. When we need to get unstuck, or to break out of our self-limiting boxes and isolating bubbles, empathy can set us free.

Seeing things from our client’s perspective unlocks fresh possibilities. Empathy provides better insight and information. When we understand people’s motivation, where they are coming from and what matters to them, we save time and energy.

Take the age-old challenge of fee-driven selection, for example. Imagine using the process below to discover strategies for taking positive action.

Empathy is good for you as well as your clients. Wondering about better ways to present your portfolio? Need tips on how to talk about your fee? Want to streamline the client approval process? Please join me on November 29 for my session at IIDEX on empathy and client relationships: Human-to-Human Marketing

design thinking_vanderkaay  -Sharon VanderKaay