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Sharon VanderKaay facilitates strategic thinking, decision-making and lessons learned workshops. She has led over 300 facilitated sessions and presented at more than 30 conferences.

Using a research-based process, she assists groups in defining their priorities, understanding their options and identifying new possibilities. Her approach unites diverse voices to support shared interests, purpose and values.

She has facilitated strategy sessions for design firms, corporate businesses, health care organizations, consulting engineers and non-profits across North America and internationally.

Sharon is the originator of design visioning and planning workshops known as Common Ground which provide criteria for a Design Impact Balanced Scorecard. She also developed Critical Eye™ workshops to jointly define visual image and intended message. Her “tight-loose” approach draws on research in group dynamics and adult learning principles. Participants agree on boundaries while being encouraged to explore what if…? opportunities.

what ifliquid arrow_tight loose_yellowWhy “reliable magic”? The best ideas emerge through exploration. Guided by meaningful statements built on shared values, a major transformation of thinking always happens.

Sharon has presented her design thinking and strategy approach at the Conference Board of Canada, the American Institute of Architects National Convention, the Texas Society of Architects, NeoCon Chicago, IIDEX Canada and the Association of Professional Design Firms. Her frontline experience as a design consultant includes 25 years working for Toronto-based international architectural firms. She holds a B.Sc. Design from the University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Design.

VanderKaay JanesWalk 2015
Sharon VanderKaay facilitates a Jane’s Walk titled “Diagnose Your Habitat”