I am a facilitator of design strategy and group learning workshops. As a member of the design team at the pre-design stage, I help stakeholders define what matters, what they want to communicate and how to move forward. My expertise includes education, libraries, health care and commercial sector design projects worldwide.

My facilitated approach to staff development helps people and organizations improve the quality of their everyday, human-to-human interaction.

Sharon VanderKaay Detroit
At Maker Faire Detroit

Born in Detroit and raised in Ann Arbor, I graduated from the University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Design with a B.Sc. Design. After practicing as a designer for many years, I went back to school to study organizational development and adult learning principles.

Now living in Toronto, I’m engaged in ongoing research regarding enhanced consulting relationships, workplace learning and design thinking.

In my spare time, I advocate for places that improve our state of mind and make us feel better. My video “Diagnose Your Habitat” was screened at urban film festivals in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Over 45K people have viewed my “Biology of Business” slides, which summarize natural (complex adaptive) systems as they relate to business.

And in 2012 I wrote a poem about Detroit that was the basis for a co-written song “What I See in the D.”

At the 2016 Ontario Association of Architects Conference and IIDEX:

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