Learning Faster from Experience_16_1
Capabilities required to thrive in the future can be improved with an active learning approach to design thinking.

Design thinking offers better ways of working by building on values, empathy and creative options for moving forward. Active learning (vs. passive learning) nurtures a mindful, accelerated approach to benefiting from everyday on-job experience. Design thinking-in-action skills and attitudes can be continuously honed through inquiry-based conversations.

Learning Faster from Experience_16_2As the integration of robots and machine learning grows in every kind of job, human-centric skills are gaining importance. We know that ‘soft skills’ such as critical thinking, judgment and decision-making are the hardest to teach.

However, design thinking offers an optimistic, assets-based approach to learning by encouraging our natural human curiosity. In essence, we can learn to design our way through messy situations at work—while more easily staying one step ahead of the robots.

Here’s a brief slide summary of these concepts: