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Top Ten Places to Feed Your Psyche in Detroit

April 19, 2015

Drive Thru Art Gallery

April 19, 2015

Located in downtown Detroit, this 10-story gallery-garage displays the work of 26 international artists commissioned by Dan Gilbert, owner of Bedrock Real Estate, working with Library Street Collective.

“The Z” could have been just another utilitarian design in a city that needs new infrastructure. Instead the developer makes the most of this opportunity to reinforce Detroit’s image as an optimistic, intriguing and human place.

My ideas for the Packard Plant in Detroit

April 18, 2015

These are my concepts in response to an international competition organized by Parallel Projections. My proposal will be included in a book that will eventually be published about the event.

.Packard_PLAN performance spacePackard bridge+ghostsPackard 2APACKARD PLANT PANELS_final crop2






Look Around. Diagnose Your Habitat!

December 13, 2014

My amateur video asks all citizens to look around and ask themselves, “How healthy is this place?”


TORONTO: How healthy?

November 14, 2014

Behold my entry for Spacing magazine’s Public Space Invaders film night. The evening of short films about Toronto and urban issues took place on Nov 26.

Interview with The Bongo Man

December 11, 2013


Nahru Lampkin talks about teaching kids robotics and his hopes for education in Detroit

Detroit Style!!

October 6, 2013

If you Google”Detroit Style” multiple references to “Detroit-style bankruptcy” or “Detroit-style pizza” will appear.

Here is my effort to redefine the meaning of Detroit Style:

Detroit Style from Sharon Vander Kaay

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