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Look Around. Diagnose Your Habitat!

December 13, 2014

My amateur video asks all citizens to look around and ask themselves, “How healthy is this place?”


TORONTO: How healthy?

November 14, 2014

Behold my entry for Spacing magazine’s Public Space Invaders film night. The evening of short films about Toronto and urban issues took place on Nov 26.

My ideas for the Packard plant

September 30, 2014

Here are the panels I submitted for an international ideas competition. It will be published in a book by Parallel Projections, the organizers.


Packard_PLAN performance space

Packard Plant P1

Packard Plant P2


Interview with The Bongo Man

December 11, 2013


Nahru Lampkin talks about teaching kids robotics and his hopes for education in Detroit

Detroit Style!!

October 6, 2013

If you Google”Detroit Style” multiple references to “Detroit-style bankruptcy” or “Detroit-style pizza” will appear.

Here is my effort to redefine the meaning of Detroit Style:

Detroit Style from Sharon Vander Kaay

What I See in the D

July 30, 2013

A song I co-wrote with Nahru Lampkin about my birthplace Detroit:

My poem about Detroit

April 13, 2013

The purpose of my poem is to shine a spotlight on the natural strengths of my birthplace. I want more people to see beyond worn-out cliches, current gaps, and Exactly What Went Wrong. And I want to hear no more false memories of Detroit’s past “Golden Age” because the dominant reality was brutal assembly lines and segregation.

This is about making the most of Detroit’s guts, grit and talent…today!


Yeah, we got an epic story,
Now’s our time for new glory,
Makin’ things happen,
Makin’ it in Detroit.

We got the funk,
We got the smarts,
We got the heart,
To make this city a work of art.

Home to heroes, mavericks, contrarians,
Nobody’s boring, even librarians.
Say you dine on raccoon carrion?
Not gonna point, call you barbarian.

Fertile ground is all around,
Growin’ wild imagination,
Hustle harder determination,
The nation’s Do It Yourself destination.

Rising from driving machines,
Now see each and every human being,
Makin’ dreams happen,
Makin’ it in Detroit.

Hands on, heads on, get ‘er done,
Makin’ it in Maker Town.

Hang-tough personality,
Is 313’s proud identity,
Character that can’t be broken,
When destructive words get spoken.

We got the funk,
We got the spunk,
We got the heart,
To make Detroit city our work of art.

Step up, step out, it’s all about
Finding yourself in Detroit.

Welcome to the capital of persistence,
Say goodbye to beige existence,
Hack old boundaries and resistance,
Freedom here to go the distance.

Not tryin’ to be all pretty,
Like an airbrushed city,
Grit keepin’ it real,
Ignites the spirit you feel.

Urban fields, a quirky pace,
Soon be needin’ extra space,
Buildin’ for a humane race,
There’s no place like this place.

Sugar pie honey bunch,
We make it out of every crunch,
Soon eat other city’s lunch,
Got a secret in our punch.

They try to destroy it,
But soul saves Detroit,
Abuse, starve, deny it,
Can’t stop this giant.

Street smarts, car parts,
False starts, tough darts,
The D?…Listen to Smokey:
You really got a hold on me.


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